A Poem by Jim Brooks

We watched Howdy Doody with rabbit ears.

Buffalo Bob was a really cool guy.

That coon skin cap was the thing for a while.

No PETA then to lament the coon’s death.

White kids were dancing while Negroes performed,

And Dick Clark did not seem to age at all.

We rode on our bikes and skated on skates,

And didn’t wear helmets or rubber pads.

With catcher’s mitts, bats and balls we would play,

And somehow got by with no internet.

Life was so simple ‘til Kennedy died.

Then we knew some things were wrong in the world.

And there was some war in some foreign land

That showed up in newspapers more and more.

Some of us visited that foreign land.

Some ended up troubled, wounded or dead.

Racial equality was sought down south.

Some ended up troubled, wounded or dead.

Women decided that they wanted more.

Barefoot and pregnant no longer the rule.

We smoked and we dropped and we protested,

And excused Jimi while he kissed the sky.

Martin and Bobby were killed by more guns.

Maniacs among us, even today.

After coming down and sobering up,

And seeing Jim, Jimi and Janis die,

We married, raised families and got real jobs,

And changed the establishment from inside.

Then we outlived Disco and leisure suits,

And our pet rocks all went somewhere to die.

And we donned three piece suits and MBAs,

And then said money is not all that bad.

Our kids grew up and went out on their own.

They heard our stories and some were impressed.

But some just thought us old fashioned, not cool.

Chips off the old block. So what can you do?

We spoil grandkids as they listen to rap,

And long for the days when singers could sing.

We groove at concerts where seniors perform,

And remember hair much thicker and dark.

But with age come wisdom and perspective.

Maybe wrinkles aren’t so bad after all.

We play psych games to keep our brains going.

We’re the first generation to do that.

And we form groups to let our leaders know

Don’t ignore old folks. You still need our vote.

So we’ve made our points. Our voices were heard.

The country is better because of us.

Bragging? Maybe. But that’s just how it is.

Those radicals believed in honesty.

And though we’ve come a long way and done much,

We still have a lot more to do and say.

And sometimes it may be in chairs these days,

But we rock.

Copyright © 2013 Jim Brooks